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Our Scentsy Story

As a mother of four children, the safety of Scentsy was the first reason I fell in love with Scentsy.  Then add in the quality of the fragrances, the designs of the warmers and the cost savings, well I was sold on Scentsy.  After using Scentsy for some time I realized that this would be a great way for me to make some "mommy money".  Selling a product that was beautiful, safe, and affordable seemed like a great idea.   I had never participated in any direct sales before however I knew others would enjoy the same qualities I had seen in Scentsy products.  When my kit arrived it was very exciting.  Everything I needed was there for me to start my business.  Within weeks I had both home and basket parties scheduled. 

My first commission check was more than I anticipated and it has continued to grow each month since enrolling.  Scentsy has allowed me to work from home, work around my children's activities and needs and most of all I enjoy my work.  My children enjoy being a part of the business to by labeling, unloading the boxes and sorting orders.  They love being involved and it's great to have the opportunity to share this with them. 

Scentsy has now become my full-time employment.  Joe, my husband was able to quit his job and work the business with me.  I have enjoyed growing my business, getting to know my customers and building a team of determined and quality Consultants. 

If you have an interest in hosting a Scent Event please feel free to call or email me anytime or if you have an interest in earning some extra income selling Scentsy I would be happy to visit with you about that as well.

As a part of my team you will have access to new consultant calls, webinars on a variety of topics, monthly newsletters & incentives, exclusive team facebook groups, our own team training website and monthly team meetings and trainings.  Whether you are looking for a new hobby, part-time or full-time employment or just love Scentsy products, Scentsy can and will provide you with the opportunity to achieve your financial and personal goals.

Like to chat with me about Scentsy?  Contact me here!

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Tracy Damario Independent Scentsy Consultant

Tracy & Joe Damario
Independent Scentsy Family
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